Troop 19 Jamboree Attendees


Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement, created the idea of holding a large encampment of Scouts and leaders to celebrate Scouting in England. He called it a Jamboree.

Since 1937, the Boy Scouts of America has held a National Scout Jamboree for Scouts and leaders of Boy Scout councils throughout the United States. More than 600,000 Scouts and leaders have hiked the trails, paths, and roadways since the first jamboree was held at the base of the Washington Monument on the Mall in our nation's capital.

Since that time, 15 national Scout jamborees have been held. Three were held in the western United States at Irvine Ranch, California; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Farragut State Park in Idaho. Five have been held in Pennsylvania at Valley Forge and Moraine State Park. Beginning in 1981, Caroline County, Virginia, and Fort A. P. Hill have been the permanent site until 2010. In 2013, a new site in West Virginia will be the new home to the National Scout Jamboree.

1950 1953 Joe Kume
Frank Kume
Joe Spitt
Bob White
Henry Pigg
1960 1964 Jerry Smith
Curt Thomas
Joe Kume
Joe Rogers
Thomas Kerns
1969 1993 Tommy Waymouth
Sean Gantt
Sam Pitt
Chris Elliot
1997 2001
Robert Council - PL
Wes Marquette
Daniel Williams
Sean Gantt -- Staff
Justin Cross
Cameron Shelton
Trevor Kitchen
J.P. Dasher
Zach Hackley
Russell Williams
Tyler Reavis
Lee Shelton
Kyle Kitchen
Kevin Dills

Scott Marum
Scott Hunnicutt

  Nick Capets
Zach Capets
Tucker Horne
Bradley McDonnell
Kyle Smith
Scott Sokley
Matt Vice
Larry Banks - SM

Alex D'Amour
Josh Hedrick
Nicholas King
Wesley King
Brendon Ruggles
Chris Zaino
Larry Zaino
Kevin King - ASM
Bobby Fortney - ASM

Mike Hartje -- Staff

Brendon Almond
Trent Almond
Seth Cross
Michael Dibble
Brian Lowe
Al McCreary
Ryan Tincher
Danny Tito
Tanya Hartje - ASM
Lee Shelton - ASM


100th Anniversary of Scouting

Kristopher Harris-Pitton Trent Almond - SPL
TJ Butner
Christian Smith
Dylan Scheck
Kevin Thomas
Eric Vest
Brendon Almond - ASM
Jordan Hardesty
Jesse McDonnell
Luke Orr
Sam Orr - SPL
Craig Orr - ASM
Wesley King - ASM
Justin "Smiley" Austinfeld
Danny Ryan
Brock Wesolek
2010 Jamboree Staff
Larry Banks
Tanya Hartje
Michael Hartje
Dan Hardesty

2013 Jamboree
A203 B416 C241 D422 Staff
Kristopher Harris-Pitton
Harrison Lowe
Dante Ybarra
Nicolas Kincaid Ricky Williams - SPL
Alex McRae
Josh Spencer
Nicholas Tennant
Thomas Chapman - SPL
Matt Dahlem
Zachary Jewell
Kevin Thomas
Nick Zanzot
Al McCreary
Larry Banks

Troop 19 World Jamboree Attendees

Scouting's Founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell planned to hold a special event to bring together Scout of all nationalities, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the camp on Brownsea Island.

Due to the First World War, where many Scouts were killed, the first international gathering of Scouts was held in 1920. This, the first Jamboree, was held at London's Olympia for 8,000 Scouts from 34 countries.

Jamboree is now an international term used to describe a large gathering of Scouts. Since 1920, World Scout Jamborees have been held almost every four years, except during the Second World War, and hosted all over the world.


Alex D'Amour



Danny Ryan



Alex McRae


World Jamboree Staff


Danny Ryan


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