Northern Tier High Adventure Base


Welcome to the Northern Tier. You are stepping into a country explored by few people. From June through August, Northern Tier takes pride in offering Scouts the world's best canoeing. Choosing your Northern Tier program base is your first step. The Northern Tier has several adventures, each with a different character. Come with the Northern Tier on an unforgettable journey through the heart and soul of  Canoe Country.

2002 2016        
Luke Augspurger David Beckham
Cameron Callahan
Tyler Gass
Daniel McCraw
Jesse McDonnell
Josh Pitts

Lucas Prieto
William Rooker
Joseph Skinner
Payton Williams
Thad Wheeler

Rob Gass
Willie Rooker
Robert Callahan
Dan Tito
Mark Beckham
Kenneth McCraw
Chris Chelko          
Larry Zaino          
Chris Zaino          
Danny Ryan          

Danny Ryan          

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