Senior Patrol Leaders (SPL) of Troop 19

The Senior Patrol Leader is the highest youth leadership position in the troop.  He is elected every 6 months by the youth scouts of the troop.  He has to meet certain requirements outlined in the troop handbook.  The Senior Patrol Leader is the one youth that runs all troop meetings and activities for the troop.

Paul Gale
Gary Spencer
Michael Mafera
Jason Zink
Jason Burwell
Josh Edwards
Leon Patillo
Eric Massa
Clint Christmas
Jimmy Schwab
Seth Smith
Wes Marquette
Robert Council
Daniel Williams
Elliot Madre
Kevin Dills
Lee Shelton
Justin Cross
Scott Hunnicutt
Chris Chelko
Tyler Reavis
Allen Clark
Nick King
Alex Young
Larry Zaino
Seth Cross
Jonathan Cannito
Al McCreary
Brendon Almond
Trent Almond
Miles Jahns
Tim Nye
Sam Orr
Teddy Jahns
Thomas Chapman
Justin Austenfeld
Evan Napier
Luke Jahns
Luke Orr
Jesse McDonnell
Ricky Williams
Matt Dahlem
Daniel Wood
Luke Hines

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