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History of the Eagle Scout Badge

Say "Eagle Scout" and the mind's eye instantly sees a youth who exemplifies being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, and all those other good things in the Scout Law. Eagle Scouts are such well-known symbols of Scouting's finest that it's hard to believe they haven't always been around.

In fact, in the beginning of the Boy Scouts of America, the Eagle Scout Award did not exist. Wolf Scout was the highest award, based on the Silver Wolf award in the advancement plan of Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, the British founder of worldwide Scouting.

No Wolf Scout badge was ever given out, though, because the BSA's founding fathers had second thoughts about a wolf as top dog among Scouts. Several leaders who previewed the first proof copies of the 1911 Handbook for Boys asked: "Why a wolf? Why not an American eagle?"

1943 1944 1946 1948
William Brevard Blythe II (Deceased) Thomas Craven, Jr. Kenneth S. Coley, Jr. Charles Council Dudley, Jr. (Deceased)
1950 1951 1953 1970
Henry Miller Pigg
Robert Brevard Blythe
Joe Frederick Kumm (Deceased) Eddie Cobb Vernon Curtis Smith, Jr.
1971 1975 1976 1994
Kim Lester Cross William Lee Cochran, Jr. Earl Bissell Lewis, III (Deceased)
Joseph Erwin Cochran
Jason Michael Zink
1995 1996 1997 1998
Samuel Leon Patillo, Jr. Matthew Stuart Lord Eric Kyle Wolfe
Sean Everette Gantt
James William Schwab
Eric Andrew Joyce
1999 2000 2001 2002
Daniel Joseph Williams
Eric Alan Massa
Matthew Brandon Johnson
Wesley Guy Marquette, III
Elliot James Madre
Robert Thurman Council, Jr.
Brandon Ray Vest
Trevor Jay Nasko
William Scott Hunnicutt III
Joshua William Johnson
Daniel Michael Stepp
Justin Harris Cross
Trevor Joseph Kitchen
Scott Erik Marum
Jonathan Alan Ryczek
Christopher Erin Johnson
2003 2004 2005 2006
Christopher Scott Tart
Brendon Lee Riley
Nathan Lee Shelton
Kevin Claude Dills
Jacob Anthony Young
Thomas Matthew Corbett
Trevor Christian Hehn
Christopher William Chelko
Kyle Frasier Kitchen
Russell Stuart Williams
Robert Joseph Fortney, Jr.
Allen Carlson Clark
Tyler Grant Reavis
Harold Nicholas Reid
Andrew Brian Watkins
Lucas Michael Augspurger
Zachary James Hackley
Ryan Matthew Tincher
Nicholas Parks King
Gregory Tedford Ryczek
Alexander Coleman Young
Jonathan Tucker Horne
Lawrence Peter Zaino, III
Benjamin Seth Cross
2007 2008 2009 2010
Benjamin Edward Watkins
Christopher Moncrief Jackson-Jordan
Jonathan Charles Cannito
Joshua Matthew Hedrick
Derek Arey Reavis
John Zachery Capets
Alan Frederick McCreary
Brendon Harrell Almond
Jacob Thomas Augspurger
Lucas Dalton Basinger
Kyle Sullivan Smith
Matthew Donald Vice
Cory Wilson Gudger
Phillip Michael Fredricks
Anthony Charles Pugliese
Daniel Sloan Tito
Miles Corbin Jahns
Lance Alexander Sellie
Nicholas Wilson Capets
Jonathan Francis Weiss
Christopher Michael Zaino
Patrick Marlow Buffum
Wesley Harrison King
Brendan David Ruggles
Scott Fitzgerald Sokley
Stephen Thomas Shenigo
Troy Logan Daniel
Trent Craig Almond
Connor Joseph Young
2011 2012 (100th Anniversary) 2013 2014
Dillon Joseph Sellie
Bradley Thomas McDonnell
Taylor James Turner
Timothy Scott Nye
Samuel John Orr
Justin Michael Austenfeld
Christian Keller Smith
Evan Thomas Napier
Theodore Quentin Davis Jahns

Patrick Shawn Cowley (T19 100th)
John Michael Buffum
Alexander John Kuhn
Wesley Thomas Smith
Harrison James Green
Matthew Hayden Fox
William Roy Rooker, III
Thomas Christopher Chapman

Eric Ryan Vest
George Lowell James

Lucas Jack Jahns
Mitchell Scott Hutula
Kevin Siegrist Thomas
John Hayden Gary, V
Lucas Wilson Orr (Mr. Banks 100th)

Jesse Martin McDonnell

2015 2016 2017 2018
Brock Michael Wesolek
Jonathan Edward Pugliese
Ricky Lee Williams
Joshua Eugene Pitts
Dante Juan Ybarra
Matthew John Dahlem
Benjamin Antonio Decker
Cameron Robert Callahan
John Nicholas Tennant
Nicholas Ryan Zanzot
Jordan Scott Hardesty
Dylan Caleb Fox
William James Napier
Nicholas Robert Westhofen
Tyler David Ebersold
Nicholas James Rossini
Daniel Joseph Wood
Joshua Dean Spencer
John Logan Rees
Alexander Scott McRae II
Sean McLeod
Benjamin Matthew Hollister
Samuel Ross Wiktorek
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