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This page is designed to help upcoming Life Scouts get started in the process of filling out all the required forms for their Eagle Project.
All forms are in PDF format, you must have Adobe Reader to view the files.

There are NOW 2 separate files that you must download. The first one is the Eagle Workbook which is from the Troop. The other is the Workbook from NESA that is a fillable PDF form. Make sure you get the information from Mr. Hehn to fill out Page 6.
When you are finished filling out the form, first print a copy for your records and then send a copy to Mr. Hehn for his review.

Troop 19 Eagle Workbook
This workbook has all the information from the Troop to get started on your Eagle Project
Blank Eagle Project Workbook
This workbook is a fillable PDF from NESA. YOU MUST CLICK THE SAVE AS PROMPT TO SAVE A COPY AS THE FILE CANNOT BE OPENED IN A BROWSER. Save a copy on your computer to send to Mr. Hehn.

Eagle Scout Reference Forms
This is the new form for reference letters. YOU MUST HAVE 5 OF THESE!!!
BSA Eagle Application
This is the application for Eagle Scout. This is new this year because of the addition of the Cooking MB

The Eagle Scout Project Review Committee will no longer accept proposed projects for Habitat for Humanity, Blood Drives for the American Red Cross and projects that are "providing labor only".

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